Currently the conservation units (UC) - parks and reserves - are one of the main biodiversity conservation strategies, because they can integrally protect different ecosystems and species. 

Through Project Simbora Pro Parque (Let's Go To the Park), IMD promotes guided visits to Brazilian conservation units, which explores its areas' pedagogical potential as interpretative trails and the realization of dynamics in a carefree and fun environment.

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Besides parks, some programs include visits to conservation and sustainable development projects within UC's (conservation units) influence areas, to value their work, and to show viability and interaction between UC's and the surrounding communities. 


Simbora Pro Parque promotes life-changing experiences to its participants in order to stimulate the connection between nature and its appreciation


Through the project Simbora Científico, IMD also promotes research expeditions with the participation of people who contribute to funding and assist on the field. Scientific tourism promotes incredible in touch with nature experiences and, at the same time, makes scientific research possible by providing an alternate source of funding.


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