Projeto Chelonia mydas monitors the pollutants' impact on Brazilian sea-turtles. The project began with Prof. Marcelo Renan de Deus Santos' studies on sea-turtles clinical pathology during the 2000s, before IMD's foundation. With scientific advancement and an even bigger risk imposed by pollution, the project consolidated itself as a reference in contaminants and its effects on the sea-turtles population's health in Brazil.

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The project aims to map and comprehend the processes and the occurrence of sea-turtle's diseases in environments affected by men and in preserved environments, to subside conservationist actions, improve and apply environmental biomonitoring technics, and to diagnose diseases in the sea-turtle populations in Brazil. 

Projeto Chelonia mydas' activities involve studies on sea-turtle's ecology, ecotoxicology, epidemiology, pathology, hematology, plasma biochemistry, and immunology.


Areas of operation: Vitória, Linhares, Aracruz, Nova Viçosa, Praia do Forte, Arembepe.